Sunday, August 11, 2013



Last September Threads issue # 162 did an article on the use of mesh chiffon, and Susan Khalje and Kenneth King were two of the contributors to the article.

I fell in love with the print and tried to find something similar to make myself a summer jacket but was unable to find anything that even came close.
     I have been lucky enough to study with both Susan Khalje and Kenneth King in the past, and last October during one of those training sessions I mentioned how much I had liked the print.  The next day Susan brought me her leftover fabric from the project she did for Threads.
      My "Threads" fabric jacket.

Love the jacket and I made a belt to match.
 This is my summer wrap sundress that also makes a great cocktail dress.

I love the draped neckline
     This photo is to show how the back print needed to match.  When I purchased the fabric it was rolled on the bolt unevenly.  I asked the clerk to unroll and reroll it so it would be even, but she refused and said it couldn't be straightened out, that it was supposed to be that way.  Apparently she didn't understand that some things other than plaids have to match.  I bought extra fabric to make sure it matched and it took all the extra fabric to do so.
                                                   A summer linen Chanel-style jacket
I quilted the silk lining to the linen, and of course, put a gold chain along the hemline.

A jersey knit wrap blouse

That is the end of my summer wardrobe for 2013.  Will start on fall things soon.