Tuesday, January 21, 2014



It, obviously, has taken me a while to start posting my winter wardrobe.  I have a few.
The first is a "Little Black Dress."  The back is a tad nondescript, but the front was a challenge.

 As you can see, it's not a great picture.  I need to get a new photographer or learn to do self pictures a little better.

The next is a simple blouse I made from a very small piece of fabric that wasn't really enough for the top, but I actually used a coordinating black fabric on the back and it blended well.
The back fabric was a piece that was from a class I took at the Sewing Expo in Michigan in September.  I did not like the class, nor the fabric.  I left the class early and took the unfinished jacket with me.  When I needed something to be able to make the back of this blouse, I realized that the class unfinished jacket might just do the trick.  And it did!

Next is a Cashmire Wool and Leather suit made from a Vogue pattern.  It has been one of my mainstays this winter for work (and for going out to dinner in the subzero weather!)
I am not sure why the leather looks wrinkled on the lapel as it does not wrinkle when I am wearing it.  Must be the way the neck of the dress form fits the neckline of the jacket.

I have to say this was my first encounter with real leather, and it was incredibly easy with which to work.  I am about to start a new project that also has leather panels.

The skirt to the suit is simply a skirt that I drafted.  I put a separating zipper up the front with the large button accent at the waist, and I love it.  I do wish I had trimmed the sides of the zipper in the leather, but didn't think of that until it was finished, and certainly was not in the mood to take out the zipper and redo it.

I have purchased a new dress form that is much better with which to work, and hopefully, pictures in the future will be better.  (Maybe I need a new camera.  You think?)

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