Monday, April 28, 2014



Black jersey knit with a silver sparkle, like fireworks, here and there.  The neckline is pleated.

I have shown this blouse before.  It is made of charmeuse with a draped neckline.  I made this blouse entirely by hand, with not one machine stitch in it.

Navy and white chiffon, made from the same pattern as above but with long sleeves

A closeup of the sleeve

This is my favorite evening or dress-up blouse.  It is made of a sheer lace that I utilized the scalloped edges as the hem and down the front, where I placed loop buttonholes and pearl buttons.

This is a jacquard silk with a tie neck.  Great with suits

And my ruffled jabot on satin.

A print chiffon.  The neckline was supposed to be entirely different, according to the pattern.  It was suppose to have a very large scarf attached to the collar, but when I got the collar on the blouse, I liked it without the scarf, so I gathered the collar up the front, and voila,  here it is.

Not a very clear picture of this sweater It has organdy flowers along the V-neck.



     While watching the Academy Awards, I saw a gown on the Red Carpet that sparked a distant memory.  That of the very first evening own I ever made, at the age of 16.  I was an officer in Rainbow Girls, and as such we were required to wear evening gowns for installation of officers and initiation of new members.  The dress I made was very similar to a dress displayed on the Red Carpet.
     As I was wishing I had kept the dress, I remembered that my mother had had my portrait made in the dress to give to my father for Fathers' Day, and I still have the portrait.
     So, here is the very first evening gown I ever made:
The points actually had boning in them.  I had no idea how to insert boning, but just followed the directions on the pattern instructions.


Sunday, April 6, 2014


Spring Bomber Jacket

     So tired of cold, icy, wet winter?  So am I.  Time to get out the ligher-weight fabrics and put together some new things for spring and summer.
     I started with a quilted bomber jacket.
A very simple jacket made with a prequilted fabric.

And another bomber jacket.
I did a tremendous amount of applique with this jacket.

The base is ultrasuade and the applique is all silk challis.

Next I added a summer dress.
Originally it can be worn hanging loose.

But I quickly decided that I like it better with a belt.

Added a couple loose-fitting tops.

  And I think I am good to go.

However, at Neiman Marcus I found a sweater vest that  I loved.
And set about knitting my own version.

And that's all, Folks, for this blog.